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Online Quran Classes for Kids






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Online Quran Classes for Kids

We offer in-person studies in the Sydney area plus Australia-wide online Quran classes for kids and adults. The Islamic curriculum incorporates three topics. These are the jurisprudence of worshipping (the practical laws of Islam), the social rules in Islam, and theology (the fundamentals of Islam). You may want to view our online lectures for kids to discover their educational qualities and what they entail.

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Why Consider Our Online Islamic Classes for Kids?

Parents register their children because the youngsters are growing up in a multicultural environment. They want their kids to be capable of carrying the Arabic language, Islamic culture, and their Muslim heritage forward to the next generation.


  • Families frequently want to brush up on their knowledge and increase their understanding of Muslim values and religion, which is a way of life.

  • Others wish to learn more about the fundamental customs and traditions encompassing acts of generosity, kindness, honesty, and respect to enable themselves and their communities.

  • We accept students from all cultural backgrounds, including those interested in studying Islam's sacred scripture and its teachings on all facets of human existence.


The teachers working at the Imam Ali College are well-trained and knowledgeable. We use trustworthy resources to provide our students with accurate information and the education they require to reach their personal goals and positively contribute to society.

We Also Offer Online Arabic Classes For Kids

Our inclusive college offers weekly Arabic classes in Sydney - that include aspects of its history and cultural values - to anyone who wants to learn.


  • Our students include those who want to speak Arabic for business purposes or experience the rich literature in the original language. Additionally, youths who wish to converse well in the language of their ancestors.

  • Our reasonably-priced learn Arabic for kids internet content includes workbooks and is available to children five years and older. Our curricula cater to all aptitude levels, from out-and-out beginners to experienced adult Arabic speakers who want to reinforce their abilities.

  • Our instruction features various approaches, integrating linguistic, cultural, and literary studies to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Arabic language.


We accept the Creative Kids Voucher issued by the New South Wales government for online Quran and other classes for kids. Feel free to register online, give us a call, or send us an email if you require more information.

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