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Online Quran Classes in Australia

At Imam Ali College, we educate people of all ages. Our online Quran classes in Australia provide a values-based education in a challenging yet supportive virtual learning environment. Our teachings focus on the core Islamic principles of respect, equality, and kindness. Our students learn to appreciate the significance of honesty and generosity so they can advance to their utmost potential and make a beneficial contribution to our multicultural society.


  • We aim to provide our students with an excellent academic and moral education to help them understand the world they live in and achieve their objectives.

  • We assist our learners in becoming responsible, well-adjusted, and educated Australian citizens that are industrious, articulate, ambitious, and thoughtful.

  • Confident, independent adults with healthy self-esteem can advance society wherever they are because of their ethics, moral and social skills. Our teachings facilitate these abilities.


Our purpose is to provide all - whether beginners on the kindergarten level or scholars on the advanced or senior level - access to high-quality educational resources that facilitate an understanding of multifaceted concepts.

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We offer in-person Arabic, Quran, and Islamic classes in the Sydney region on Fridays and Saturdays. We can also provide you and your children with a virtual education if you cannot access Ambarvale or Beverly Hills.


  • Muslim children that attend secular schools gain by receiving an Islamic education for a few hours at weekend Madrasahs. Our courses run according to the New South Wales public school calendar.

  • We welcome students of all cultural backgrounds, whether they attend classes in-person or online. We provide a bus service from Glenfield and Auburn for those attending our Saturday classes in Beverly Hills.


Students need access to a compatible computer and internet for admittance to our online syllabus and quizzes. The classes are in English, require fluent English language skills, and are designed for learners five years and older.

Register for Quran classes in the Sydney Region and Australia-Wide

How Online Classes Work at Imam Ali College

Our trained teachers use reliable resources to provide fundamental knowledge and correct information about the holy Aimmah, the history of Islam, our Prophet, Fiqh, Tauhid, Hadith, Qur’an, and the Arabic language.


  • Our Islamic School lecture topics include theology – the fundamentals of Islam, the jurisprudence of worshipping – the practical laws of Islam, and the social rules in Islam. Upon registration, we enrol our students into all three streams at their appropriate age-group level.

  • You can access the first unit of each course and progress to the next once you have completed it together with the linked quizzes and activities.

  • Our spiral learning system provides online modules in different streams for different age groups so students can re-visit the information they have learned previously as they advance. The method enables older students to start at their appropriate age level and fill in any knowledge gaps they may have if they did not complete earlier levels.


A formal Islamic education instils Muslim values and ways of life from an early age. The knowledge we impart via our online Quran classes in Australia enables children that grow up in a western cultural environment to understand their religion, culture, and identity. We invite you to complete your registration online.

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